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Tom Farrell

Chief Executive Officer, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Farrell is currently CEO of Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, a Houston-based cancer vaccine company with a lead product, BPX-101, in Phase I/II clinical trials. In 1998, he founded Cylene Pharmaceuticals Inc. (originally Cyternex, Inc.) in Austin, serving as President & CEO until 2003, and COO & CFO until 2005. During his tenure, Cylene raised $33 million in venture capital financing, and successfully discovered and advanced a first-in-class anticancer agent, CX-3543, into clinical trials. The company has since raised an additional $44 million in a Series C financing. Prior to founding Cylene, Mr. Farrell implemented and supported a variety of pioneering business incubation programs at the IC2 Institute in Austin, Texas, designed to foster high tech and life science start-up company formation around federal labs and research universities. Previously, Mr. Farrell worked in Europe and the United States as an engineer for Houston-based Cooper Cameron, a multinational oilfield engineering firm, where he designed and developed a number of products and systems that are marketed worldwide. Mr. Farrell earned his B.A. in engineering from the University of Cambridge in 1984, becoming a Chartered Engineer in 1987, and he graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in the top 10% of the M.B.A. class of 1993.